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appicon_1356147513_27479Pepi Tree, by Pepi Play, is a whimsical new app that teaches young minds all about tree-dwelling creatures. When you enter into this tree habitat, the first image that appears is that of an owl who hoots away as you move the beam of light in search of other creatures. Once you find an animal, you can fine tune your matching skills by pairing the animal with its shadow image. Next, scroll to the very top to find a colorful creature that resembles a caterpillar, who is waiting to dine upon his feast so that he can spin his cocoon and transform before your eyes! The background music is the best part of this visit, as you hear the chanting "yum-yum" chorus while the creature munches away! Then, onto my son's favorite part of the app, because he could create his own web by moving the spider. As you make your creation, a happy little tune plays in sync with your movements. photoThe fun doesn't stop there, once the web is spun, flies, dragonflies, and other tasty treats swarm onto the scene only to be trapped in the web as you tap and drag them. Continue traveling down this tall tree and you will stumble upon a very red group of squirrels just waiting to be fed, but make sure you drop only the yummiest of foods into their mouths or they will spit them out! Once their bellies are full, they will doze off into a deep slumber. One of the best things about this app is the cause and effect play that carries throughout all creature visits. The next animal encounter is with a porcupine, who is mistakenly referred to as a hedgehog, but this fellow has long needles that rise when he doesn't like the food you try to feed him! First, help grow his meal by moving a rain cloud over targeted spots on the ground to grow strawberries, mushrooms, and some flowers. Finally, travel below the ground to a mole maze that is filled with squirmy worms to snack on along the way. Once you reach the door, you get to match four shapes into the locks in order to open the door to his bedroom. Now, your fun-filled, musical and educational journey has come to an end. Overall, I liked this app but would like to see the developers make some semantic corrections in their parent description portion and change the images for the red creatures that are meant to represent

Pepi Tree is an educational game where children explore tree-dwelling animals and their habits in a fun way. The application has an educational background focusing on a tree as an eco-system or - using simpler words - a home for different animals. Children get to know many facts about them: what they look like, what they eat and how they get their food, where exactly they live - in the branches, on the leaves or under the ground, when they sleep and more. Encourage your kids playing and getting friends with those lovely tree inhabitants - a little caterpillar, an owl, a spider, the squirrels, a hedgehog and a mole. Each of them lives on a separate "floor" of the tree and represents different tasks to accomplish what makes six different games.   NanetteCote_HeadshotNanette Cote, MA, CCC-SLP has her own speech-language practice, Therapediatrics. She is a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist in Naperville, Illinois who was has been practicing Speech Pathology for close to two decades. Her blog, speech2me, was named one of the top Speech-Language blogs for 2012. For more information about this practitioner, please visit speech2me Blog.
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