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Percent Bingoimages-5 by Fluency Games is just what you are looking for, an engaging and easy way to build fluency in converting between percentages, decimals, and fractions, check out the new release Percent Bingo NOW! This is not a concept that children readily understand and combining all three elements show them that they are all just a different way to represent the same thing. Although decimals, fractions, and percentages all essentially represent the same thing, it is important to be able to fluently convert between the three forms for situations in which it is more beneficial to express a number in one format over another. These games certainly prove to be addictive and students adore them, added BONUS - everyone needs these skills in everyday life! IMG_0512 The player begins with a 4 by 4 board and a free space just like in the classic bingo game. Each space contains a whole percentage ranging from 5 percent to 100 percent (initially). Rather than bingo numbers, the player is given either a fraction or a decimal which must then be converted into a percent. Each random bingo is recorded on the lined paper next to the bingo card to reference. A small timer can be found just underneath the number called (this can be toggled in the options menu). If the converted percent is found on the playing board, simply tapping the percentage will gross the player’s score; if not found, the player can click “next” and quickly move on to the next called number. If the timer runs out for that specific called number, the player can still go back to it and retry. Hints are also available. Some hints are very broad while others provide a step-by-step explanation for converting into a percent. Once four spaces in a row have been made, the player obtains BINGO and a list of achievements reel down the screen. The app has intuitive programming that allows the game to become progressively harder as the player succeeds during each game, advances to the next level of fluency, and unlocks achievements. IMG_0516 When tested in the classroom as a math center, students found it addictive and challenging to gain achievements and increase their ability level. One sitting was not enough to advance quickly from beginner to novice, giving this app a substantial shelf life. Clicking on the profile report allows students to see their progress: the number of games played is recorded as well as the average time and percent of accuracy for converting fractions and decimals. The profile report also outlines very specifically, the number of games needed to play, average time and average percent of succession the player needs, in order to move up to the next level of fluency. IMG_0514 In the options menu, the size of the board can be changed from a 4 by 4 board to a 5 by 5 board. The timer countdown can either be turned off, slowed down, set to normal, or fast. After reaching a certain level of mastery, the maximum value of the percentages on the board can also be elevated from 100 percent up to 200. Without spoiling too much of the 30 different achievements that can be unlocked, winning with 100 percent accuracy and winning a game in less than 90 seconds are a few among many. The “Medals” awarded for each achievement advance with the player: awarding them bronze, silver and eventually, gold. As we know as classroom teachers kids love leveling up and we love to see them engaged in worthwhile activities striving to beat their personal best! Lastly, Percent Bingo contains a fun way to immerse the entire class through “Classroom Mode.” Rather than the bingo number is randomly generated, the classroom teacher may call out their own fractions or decimals. The website on Fluency Games has a downloadable “Teacher Bingo Number Cheat Sheet” for this feature. A blog post of how it can be implemented to its full capacity can be found here. IMG_0518 For a quick and refreshing game that does not bore, check out Percent Bingo! Developed by Fluency Games, “Fluency Games, LLC is an independent software development house dedicated to making engaging, addictive games for kids of all ages to help improve their math abilities” (Our Story, Fluency Games). Currently, they have created Addition Blocks, Multiplication Blocks, and Subtraction Blocks will be coming next. Just as stated in their bio, these games certainly prove to be addictive. Click here for more information on the app and others developed by Fluency Games.
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