Phonics Museum

  512x512_zpswcuv8v1nPhonics Museum by Veritas Press is a multimedia adventure through an awesome art museum, a scavenger hunt of sorts for exploring the fundamentals of beginning reading. This app opens with William about to enter an art museum and he is far from thrilled. Suddenly, Percival, a young knight appears and he whisks William away into a magical learning land. We soon meet  Miss Biddle, the eccentric museum curator or "teacher"  who motivates kids with songs and games, she "comes to life," in videos and helps assist children with understanding the alphabetic principle. This app was designed as a homeschool phonics/reading tool but could be used as a supplemental program in or outside of school. Phonics Museum has done an amazing job of putting together a comprehensive reading readiness program using storytelling, interactive graphics, instructional videos and live action teaching. One thing that they do very well is they manage to get the necessary practice in place and it appears to the child to be gameplay in the multiple approaches taken to teach the same concept. The kids we worked with all had their own favorite activites, characters, and lesson styles and the developers has put the child in the drivers seat! 🔆 Engage with over 900 games, videos, early reading books, memory songs, and exercises 🔆 Master the Phonics rules with Miss Biddle, Percival, and other fun characters 🔆 Engaging, interactive learning with live action and animation 🔆 Add up to 3 children per membership 🔆 Explore art, animals, and history as they learn 🔆 Easily cancel anytime 🔆 Includes over 900 games, videos, interactions, & memory songs to fit all learning styles 🔆 Perfect for learning letter formation and how to print letters Another aspect that we really appreciated about Phonics Museum is their attention to teaching the whole child, the museum is filled with all genres of artwork which are great discussion starters. The books contain diversity, their lessons include a variety of multi-sensory approaches including catchy tunes, instructional videos and use of multimedia. The attention given to using Educational Music, a proven strategy in research to promote learning is prevalent throughout the app. This encourages retention of content through simple catchy songs that can be returned to again and again. They also, have the timing right for this age group and give them concepts in small chunks with reinforcement of the concepts in other lessons.   By far the most robust feature of this comprehensive app is the FUN gameplay provided every step of the way. Learning by playing is a great way to entice children to return again and again and help foster a love of learning. KUDOS to Veritas and their wonderful Phonics Museum reading app! Wish List: The handwriting is taught using the D'Nealian style, having an option to switch to change to manuscript would broaden user base. To help place students appropriately an option in settings to choose specific start levels would be beneficial. *My own personal pet peeve is that William states that museums are boring in the very beginning and I would prefer to see him uninterested because he doesn't know any better, not having preconceived notions or experience in other museums he would not be put-off going with his parents.  
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