PicoChristmas by Bigo Bjuo

picochristmas_itunesartworkPicoChristmas by Bigo Bjuo is a stunning activity app providing hours and hours of fun for the whole family! This is not your average coloring book, oh no - this has all the trimmings of a fancy feast and the magic of frolicsome fairies. Beware, it is addictive and you may find siblings fighting over iPads or even a spouse whining for a turn. The palette and tools seem endless and it does take a bit of a techno-wiz to learn how to use them all. You may at first miss that the first page in the coloring book is blank, don't forget to go back to that after you have viewed all the varied scenes provided within the app itself. Using the blank and drawing free hand or designing with the given stickers anyone could make professional Christmas cards here the tools are that good! Hurry to get this app, no rush after your investment, you have plenty of time to take advantage of this family-friendly app before, during, and after the holidays. roy2 First off, they do provide parents plenty of instructions as to how to proceed and they have also had the foresight to level the difficulty up or down. Many children prefer to learn as they go and experiment with the plethora of options as a way of growing with the app over time, we also found in some cases kids were able to work together and create collaboratively, learning from one another along the way. One thing we liked best was the return key which immediately removes your last addition, this gives kids the confidence to experiment and not be afraid of failure. They have also put in options for controlling the settings and seem to have thought of everything, including a double save option so that your device is not jammed pack with dozens of unwanted pictures. FABULOUS FEATURES INCLUDE: - beautiful Disney-like illustrations to begin your fun with - paint with colors and 60+ patterns - built-in gallery: save your drawings and finish/edit them later! - myriad of drawing tools: Pencil, Crayon, Brush, Spray, Marker, Bucket - sparkling Glitter Paint tool - special effects tool with glowing stars, ornaments, snow and more! - a set of beautiful stickers to decorate you drawings - specially designed set of letters and numbers to make signs on your projects - undo/redo : something went wrong ? No worries, you can undo your last steps The team is incredibly impressive with a history of working with some big companies prior to opening shop, Boleslaw Walczyk worked on web projects as a software developer and won several awards will working with some major brands, no surprise after you have seen just how much has been packed into the Bigo Bjuo creative suite of apps. If you and your kids have fallen for PicoChristmas know that there is also the PicoToONs a family-friendly creative play app with endless possibilities. imgres-7      
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