Pili Pop Releases Français app!

pilipop-screenshot Your children will have fun while learning French with the new Pili Pop Français app!

Pili Pop Labs, the leading startup in mobile language learning for kids, has just released Pili Pop Français, let your kid discover the joy of speaking a second language! BASED ON AN INNOVATIVE AND RECOGNIZED METHOD Created by language experts, the Pili Pop method has been described as «a remarkable educational initiative» by Apple and has already helped more than 700,000 children to learn a foreign language. The defining feature of the Pili Pop method is the focus on oral practice thanks to a unique speech recognition engine tailored for kids. They get used to speak in a foreign language at home on a daily basis. It’s important because children have extraordinary abilities to learn new sounds and lose it as they grow up! At Pili Pop, we want every kid to seize this opportunity.
pilipop-piliLEARNING FRENCH WHILE HAVING FUN Pili Pop Français helps children recognize and learn everyday life words in French thanks to fun and motivating activities. No prior exposure to French is needed. In the app, they meet the Pilis, kind and curious aliens that travel the world while learning languages. New activities are available every month to motivate children to practice in the long term. Thanks to the Pili Report, parents can very easily follow their children’s progress in Pili Pop and help them in their learning.
You can try Pili Pop for free by downloading it on iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1193775004
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