NearPod PioNear Summit 2017

images-4What is a Nearpod PioNear? PioNears are members of Nearpod’s expert team of educators who have made integrating technology part of their vocation. This team of edtech leaders facilitates professional learning around the globe using the Nearpod platform. A last minute invite to attend the PioNear Summit has already proved to be well worth the trip and it is only 9:45 a.m! To have a tech company celebrate educators and state that they are the most important piece of their company is so refreshing that I was immediately compelled to share what is going on here. So much interactive, hands-on, out of the seat, avant-garde activities happening that it has been a struggle to write this blog before it ends up as old NEWS. Our ice-breaker was the dashing duo of Seamus Harte from Nearpod and Austin Meyer representing Collective Capital. Professional Development, one of the main focus of this forum, has been merged with a strong sentiment that social and emotional learning and the significance of modeling is evident in all the lesson design. It was immediately clear that all the attendees are completely comfortable and cognizant that the SEL influences education in ways that affect children's social, emotional, and cognitive development. Again, for the second time this month I mention this quote from Nobel Laureate, James Heckman, the greatest returns on education investments are “from nurturing children's noncognitive skills, giving them social, emotional and behavioral benefits that lead to success later in life…” Last year's theme for the Nearpod Summit was all about Creating a Movement and this year's goal is Creating a Community. I think they have reached their goal already! Highlights:
  • Building Educator Communities
  • Unconference Model
  • *Ready to Run PD*
  • Nearpod for ELL
  • Nearpod for Subs - Wildcard
  • A Nearpod Original Series
  • Nearpod Fellowship
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