Pirate Puzzles

  Pirate Puzzles, by Ayars Animation, is a spectacular app.  We literally felt like we were going through the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney! This app is top of the line, the graphics are a knockout and so are the animations. Complete one of the eighteen puzzles and watch the kids become enchanted as they unlock one of the fully animated, totally entertaining and completely engaging mystery pirate songs. The puzzles begin with larger sized puzzle pieces.... as you complete each one, you unlock the next and they increase in difficulty. One of our students just couldn’t put the app down. It was the most animated and enthralled we have ever seen this child with any app! Everyone enjoyed the translucent ghosts and zombie-like pirates found within the hidden gold section.  The graphics have a translucent and ghostly look but they're not too scary.
Specifics: ★ Best suited for young buccaneers ages 3-7 years old. ★ Enjoy two puzzle sets. ★ Each puzzle set contains nine puzzles (18 puzzles in all) and one mystery pirate song. ★ Each completed puzzle ends with a short interactive animation. ★ Each mystery pirate song is over three minutes in length and is fully interactive. We found Frank Ayers and his bio something to share. He has seven children and they have always visited his home office during the day. “They bring me all kinds of wonderful things like drawings, flowers, water to drink, food, Play-Doh sculptures, origami, puppets – you name it, they bring it.”  For many years, as a hobby, he would create video games, video animations, etc... His real job was with IBM, as a software engineer. Like many parents today, Frank felt that he could create better high quality, high-value entertainment that was fun, entertaining, and engaging. He took the chance and quit IBM and went for it. His success is evident and he claims that his new career is priceless due to all of his interactions with his children and their involvement in the company.  
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  1. Jo Booth Jo Booth

    This made me smile….What a Dad to have!