PlanSeeCreate: A mobile app for school children, as envisioned by a 10yr old

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PlanSeeCreate: A mobile app for school children, as envisioned by a 10yr old PlanSeeCreate is a new mobile app offering currently seeking investment capital on the new and innovative equity crowdfunding platform;  AppVested is an online platform specifically tailored for folks who have what they feel is a great idea for a mobile app but lack the resources needed to bring their vision to life. Whether it be the time, money or skill-set necessary to properly develop and launch an app to market, AppVested makes it possible for such concepts to have a chance when typically they would fizzle away in the minds of their creators. Each app idea submitted on the AppVested platform is put through an intense vetting process, called AppValuation to determine whether or not it is an opportune concept to launch to market.  To date, less than 2% of all app ideas submitted have made it through this process. One such app idea that has passed the test and is of special interest, PlanSeeCreate was submitted by a 5th grader out of Dallas, TX named Ethan. The vision behind his brilliant concept will allow school children across the nation and beyond to better plan and execute their project presentation boards and subsequently improve their learning experience. Prior to submitting his app idea, Ethan put his concept through his own vetting process, even going so far as to poll his teachers and classmates to determine whether or not children his age and educators alike would use and find value in such a concept. Obviously, the results were very positive. Now that Ethan’s concept has been fine-tuned and the initial branding and concept design has been completed, the next step in the process is for accredited investors to fund the concept. Being an equity-based crowdfunding platform, AppVested can only solicit investment capital from qualified investors who meet the minimum income and/or net wealth requirements set forth by the SEC. Once the offering has been fully funded, the actual development and launch of PlanSeeCreate will begin. You can view a short trailer video of the PlanSeeCreate offering below. In an effort to protect the concepts still in the fundraising stage, AppVested limits the amount of information the general public can see. In order to view the full offering details, you must be registered on the AppVested website as a qualified AppVestor. Doing so is completely free and takes less than 5 minutes. If you or anyone you know may be interested in learning more about PlanSeeCreate and getting in on the ground floor, I’d highly encourage you to register now and see for yourself just why this brilliant 5th grader’s concept made it all the way through the AppValuation process and into the highly exclusive app offering deck at 2-2 To learn more about AppVested, or to become and AppVentor or AppVestor yourself you can register online at


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