PlayART by Tapook: a delightful, creative, educational app experience

  PlayART by Tapook is a simply delightful, creative, educational experience that kids of all ages should have the opportunity to explore.  Sometimes, less is more, and in this app, that theory is a definite! Children play, learn and create all while having FUN, FUN, FUN. This app is recommended for ages 5-13, it introduces artworks by five master painters: Van Gogh, Monet, Cézanne, Rousseau, and Klee. It then turns the canvas over to the user to make their own playful compositions using a tool box that allows combining elements of the original artwork. You can move, rotate, resize, mirror, duplicate and arrange the elements in the way you like, on the canvas of your choice. When you have finished, save your artwork in the My Museum Gallery with a title and your name. In addition, five short videos with charming animated drawings, narrated by children, give a short bio of each artist. Tapook is currently working on a major new release of PlayART estimated for the end of October with five new artists to discover and play with, among them: Modigliani and Klimt. Students we worked with were in awe of the possibilities once they discovered that they could combine the distinctly different styles of art to make a brand new creation. PlayART is a must have an app on every art teacher's iPad. ☛ Create a vase of sunflowers with Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflowers; ☛ A still life with Paul Cézanne’s apples and pears; ☛ A garden with Claude Monet’s water lilies and the Japanese bridge; ☛ A jungle with Henri Rousseau’s tropical plants and animals; ☛ A castle in the sun or a rose garden with Paul Klee’s geometric forms. By selecting elements as your favorites, you can also combine the different artists’ styles: all you need is your imagination to create your own artwork!  FUNCTIONALITIES ✎ Move, rotate resize, duplicate and arrange the elements however you like to create your artwork ✎ Select elements as your “favorites” to create a new style and combine the art of the five artists. ✎ Save your painting in the “My Musem” gallery with a title and your name. ✎ Share your creations through Facebook or the iPad photo album. ✎ Edit your saved paintings. ✎ Protect little ones by disabling the Facebook button in the iPad settings. MAIN FEATURES ✎ Over 100 elements and 25 canvasses from the original paintings of Van Gogh, Cézanne, Monet, Rousseau e Klee. ✎ Five videos on the five artists' lives with fun animated drawings, narrated entirely by children ✎ An “Artists’ Museum” gallery showcasing a selection of the 30 paintings from the artists and the museum where they are on display. ✎ Sound effects and original music composed specifically for PlayART by the band La Metralli. Again, save your masterpieces to My Museum, where your works hang on your own virtual wall. Facebook and email are available for sharing with friends and family, or you can save images to your iPad's photo gallery and print.  Ready, for more good news? PlayART is currently on sale for Back to School: it's now available at the price of $ 0.99, instead of the usual $ 3.99, until the end of September. Take advantage and snap this one up!  
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