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Captain’s Log: 12 June, Campaign Date 24. I woke this morning with an odd sense of calm, a sensation I haven’t felt in weeks. For fifteen days, we’ve been in the doldrums, steering our ship through the murky middle of this campaign.
The way forward hasn't always been clear. Certain routes we expected to be lined with gold, gave us only copper. The ticking of the clock grew ever louder with each passing day even as the hours seemed to slow.
My own sense of time has been warped by late nights and early mornings, jet lag, and a to-do list that doesn't shorten no matter how much a do. My body suffers from the effects of way too much caffeine and way too little exercise, making sleep elusive. My left hand, now smothered in Tiger Balm and wrapped in a splint, has seized up from all the typing of guest posts and press blurbs and thank you notes and direct appeals to the as of yet unpledged. Progress is painful and fraught with typos, and still I can't manage to get it all done.
But in my dark moments – and there have been a few – someone from the Team has been there to remind me that each and every effort we make will eventually pay off even if it isn’t immediate: like a multitude of pebbles thrown one at a time into a birdbath full after a drenching rain, our labors will, little by little, displace the proverbial water. Likewise, when members of my Team teeter, I am there, like a good steward, to reassure them that although movement forward has been incremental, at least it’s still moving forward.
We’ve been chipping away at our stone; making deposits in our bank; blazing a trail through our forest of trees all in the hope that we will reach the longed for tipping point before this campaign concludes on June 26 -- in only two weeks.
Then, just like that, it happened...Just as we concluded an unrelentingly humdrum week three, several amazing events took place that revealed to us that the risk and sweat and determination had never been for naught. It appears that our campaign has indeed touched hearts and minds.The ripple now expands beyond me and my immediates. We can hear the distant shouting of, “Go Team Go!,” as we round the far turn and prepare, both mentally and physically, for that last mad dash toward the finish line.
5 June, Campaign Date 17: In this marvelous article about how crowd-sourced funding is becoming a positive game-changer for the publishing industry, The Guardian’s Community Coordinator for Arts & Culture, Marta Bausells, picks our campaign as her #2 among the Top 10 literary projects on Kickstarter!Tip: You never know where your support is going to come from, and it might actually come for the most unexpected places.
But cultivate support you must, keeping trust that something will lead somewhere most wonderful. In this case, we send our gratitude to Margot Atwell of Kickstarter! 7 June, Campaign Date 19: TTT&T supporter and financial advisor, Nancy Janin, held a Parisian salon-style open house for me, Caitlin, and David, so that we might introduce our project to colleagues and friends there. So many people attended, we had to make the presentation twice!Their questions were incredible; their reactions rewarding. And to top it all off, the weather was divine. So I allowed myself a few days off to tour my beloved adopted home of 10 years with a cardboard cut out of my 500+ year old friend.Tip: Never underestimate how important the occasional day off from the campaign is to help you keep up the pace during a crowd-sourced funding campaign.
9 June, Campaign Date 21: The generosity continued at the historic Thames-side home of Mary Hoffman’s dear friend: author and fellow Italian historian, Michelle Lovric. The event attracted UK authors, artists, librarians, teachers, entrepreneurs, and press. Candy Gourlay, Director & Producer of our campaign video, was on hand – just back herself from a whirlwind author visit to Asia – to document the event. Taking a cue from Paris, we went salon-style again, responding to questions from an engaged and very curious crowd. It was a perfect evening in a perfect setting. A grand time all around!Tip: When your host tells you, "You may not arrive early, you must rest," listen. I wanted to be there to help Mary and Michelle set up, but they took one look at me and sent me home to nap. Which I did. As a result I was able to enjoy our event and even remember it. Which was a good thing, because it was glorious!
11 June, Campaign Date 23: Candy published this breathtakingly beautiful album of our London Launchon Facebook. You can see from the photos what a warm, supportive, creative, and interested crowd it was that turned out to cheer me and Mary on.
But Candy didn't stop there. Along with her gift of photographic memories, she also published an appeal to like, comment, share, pledge, and otherwise "get the vote out" about Time Traveler Tours & Tales and its Kickstarter campaign.So, taking a cue from Candy, that’s what I’d like to ask you all to do now: Help us climb to $30k by the end of this week. We’re less than $2k away!
Please know that there is no pledge too small in Kickstarterland. Numbers of backers are just as important as numbers of dollars. Because it isn’t just about raising money. It’s about raising a village!
Join the village that intends to #TurnHistoryOn for kids.Invite others to visit our town.
Keep me in this blessed state of calm.For, like American Pharaoh, rounding the far turn in preparation for his final push, I am confident in our lead.
Though I recognize that the prize is still far ahead, thanks to the support of our growing community, I can see it. The way there is now clear. It’s only a matter of me and the Team conserving our strength, at this point, so that we have enough energy to move into warp speed when we need to.Less than $12k left. And still 14 days to go. With your participation, we will make it.Thank you, one and all! Sarah for Team TTT&T
Know someone who might like to support our little project? We'd be grateful if you shared this newsletter with them. Please help us to #TurnHistoryOn!
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