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images-1Pocket Sight Words by Cortes Global Pty Ltd. is a literacy learning app for teaching the age-old task of learning to read sight words in a brilliant one of a kind app! Sight words are the common words that are not usually phonetic in nature and therefore cannot be decoded or "sounded out" and as a rule are a challenge to learn. These words make up a list of about 220 words that keep appearing on almost any page of text, “the, he, was, does, me, come, and look” are all listed on the beginning lists first introduced to early readers. Pocket Sight Words helps teach children these high frequency/sight words for beginning readers and writers in an easy to use, concise, and engaging manner. FYI the pronunciation of these words is in an Australian dialect.
Pocket Sight Words has made this challenging chore of learning fun with a simple tech template that provides all the necessary essentials for practice and mastery of these bothersome words. First, the child is introduced to the word visually and auditorially, next they have the option of seeing the text and hearing it read contextually for comprehension. They are introduced to five words at a time in this multisensory approach. They are then instructed orally to Find the Word from a list of words and tap the word that represents what is said. The developers have a reward system with added incentives without going over the top and distracting from the lesson. Since the words are divided into specific lists and levels Pocket Sight Words will have a long shelf-life in the classroom or home setting.
  • 220 words with audio assistance using correct pronunciation (Australian)
  • Short sentences (written by Kindergarten teachers) provide added contextual learning
  • Playful illustrations and reward system
  • The 'Find the Word' (mini-game) is a lot of fun and designed to enhance learning experience through listening
  • Sight words grouped into lists to support gradual learning
  • With over 500 (built in) unique sounds, words and phrases, kids can learn with or without a parent/guardian supervision.
  • Clean and simple design
  • No Pop-ups or advertisements
TWA highly recommends this concentrated approach of teaching sight words. We would like to see some of the images that accompany the sentences reconsidered. "I saw four panda's eating." is illustrated with only one bear.
Pocket-Sight-Words-App-Branding-2From the Developers: What we realised when developing Pocket Sight Words was that schools in Australia used their own strategies of teaching sight words to their students. This involved handing out sight words to learn and memorise as part of their student's homework. We learned quickly that these hand-outs included sight words that had no or very little correlation to the sight words found in their Reading Level books.  The team at PSW analysed the most frequently used sight words across 250+ Reading Level books (Level 1 to 18) and using our formula, re-ordered the sight words into lists of five words to support each of the 18 Reading book level. To our knowledge, this is the first time this level of analysis was done to support Australian schools.
What this means for schools in Australia is that despite there being 220 sight words across 44 lists. Students in Kindergarten can just focus on the first 8 lists and in Grade 1, the first 18 lists as these are aligned to the NSW Literacy Continuum 
Our Pocket Sight Words program can also compliment Literacy programs used by schools - email us at admin@pocketsightwords.com to find out how! Our latest blog article Teaching kids to read doesn’t have to be difficult contains our back story. 
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