Poems by Heart by Penguin Classics

unnamed-6-111 Mindprint Expert Review imgres-5Poems by Heart by Penguin Classics is a wonderful app to help students learn and memorize famous poems in a progressive way. The free version includes four poems, and students can add on various upgrades depending on their area or poet of interest. The poems are rated by difficulty level, so students can begin with easier poems and progress to more complex poems. They can read about the poet and choose to hear the poem recited by a male or female. They will progress through five stages to memorize the poem by successively filling in the correct multiple choice words to complete the poem. At every stage, students see the poem in written form and hear it spoken for continuous reinforcement. Students can record themselves reciting the poem. Poetry is an important expressive language technique that enhances children's phrasing in speech, vocabulary and verbal reasoning, and this app is a wonderful tool to foster those skills. imgres-9
  • App uses a manageable, progressive approach to help students memorize each poem.
  • Poems are rated by ease of memorization so students can comfortably progress.
  • The voices are pleasant and reinforcing.
  • The app does not explain the meanings of the poems for students who may not understand them on their own.
  • There is no option for students to look up definitions for complex vocabulary.
imgres-9-150x1501Mindprint is an educational company that facilitates student success through an in-depth understanding of learning strengths and needs. The company offers the only online valid self-administered cognitive assessment which was developed in the Brain Behavior Lab at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
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