Pre-revenue: that’s a fancy web business word for: we weren’t making any money then…

Things have really been rocking and rolling around here at TWA (our hope is that one day the whole world will associate those three little letters with TeachersWithApps, rather than the now defunct airline!). Although, we're feeling like we’ve got wings! Every week our number of visitors has been rising (doubling in fact) and our name is beginning to really get out there. Really out there! Last week's blog entry, App Discovery” Guess I’ve been living under a rock… link got major hits. Last Sunday, we were in on the release of Kyle Tomson’s latest gem, Rainbow Sentences. Every day, it seems, we make new friends and contacts as we continue on this quest with tenacity and perseverance, following our passion - the dispersion of great curriculum, in the app world. Our major review this week was dedicated to David and Annie Fox and of Electric Eggplant and their new release Middle School Confidential 2: Real Friends vs. the Other Kind. MSC 2 is a powerful tool to help tweens with the onslaught of issues they deal with on an everyday basis, as it specifically explores friends and social situations of that age group. And yesterday, a package arrived on our doorstep from Belgium! Belgium chocolates from Niels Vanspauwen, of We’ve been helping and supporting each other in this crazy, ever-changing industry. His new widgets for iBook Author just got an inquiry from the UN, yes that UN. Thanks and congrats, Neils! Also learned a new term, pre-revenue. This term came via a comical email from my partner Anne, whose daughter is in the planning stages of a September wedding. This quote is from Tracy DiNunzio, founder of Recycled Bride, “….the only thing harder to explain is a fledgling business that takes up all your time but is pre-revenue (that's a fancy web business word for 'we weren't making any money then'). I was working crazy hours with no income.” We can totally relate! You always feel much better when you can have an official term for your condition. Pre-revenue, been there! However, after taking stock of where we are what we're doing, our contribution, our traffic, etc... we have finally declared ourselves successful. We've made a TWA into a new name brand... and we're making a difference. We're about to launch an endeavor to continue the momentum. We'll keep you posted... better yet, follow us: twitter, facebook or TWA, and you'll be the first to know.
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