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NEWteacherwithappsPreposition Builder, by Mobile Education Store, is another feather in Kyle Tomson's hat! This dedicated dad has been developing solid speech & language apps for quite some time and Preposition Builder moved him into the mainstream. This app is a wonderful learning tool for all kids at some point in their development. We found this app especially helpful with ESL students, of all ages. During play, the student is presented with an image and must drag a preposition to complete a sentence about the image.  If the student chooses the wrong answer, the image and sentence change to show the student the proper use of the preposition they chose and how it changes the image.  And this is when the giggles begin! The sentence may be, "The boy put the cereal  __________ the bowl." The choices are:  in - on - under, and the picture shows the cereal in the bowl when the child puts the word on in the blank the picture changes and shows the cereal on the bowl. This is sheer genius, as the understanding of the importance of these little words is magnified for the viewer and profound learning takes place. Understanding Deep Learning - The Indicators of Deep and Profound Learning.  The action of changing the picture to match the preposition gives visual reinforcement of correct preposition use, regardless if the child selects the right or wrong answer. Let's face it, the vast majority of us are visual learners and this app has taken full advantage of the wonders of an iPad by teaching us the correct answer using the simple rearrangement of an image. The best part is that kids are learning... with smiles plastered all over their faces. Preposition Builder delivers all around FUN and it is completely engaging! Siblings have been known to fight for the iPad in order to play this game and sometimes even join forces and play together. This app contains nine different sets of propositions starting with in - on - under and ending with more abstract concepts of across - past - over and with - about - for. After the blank is filled in correctly the option to record and save the sentence is given. These recordings can be saved to the archive and accessed later or emailed. All data is archived for each student and stats are easily accessed to gauge a student's expressive language progress. At the end of each section, an animation is unlocked encouraging students to keep playing. We encourage all parents, teachers, and speech pathologist to jump on board with this app! Preposition Builder addresses fundamental language skills that need to be mastered by all learners. For the sophistication of this app, the price is an absolute BARGAIN! Buy this app!  
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