Press4Kids Launches NEWS-O-MATIC Newspaper iPad App For Kids

Informative app covering world news, sports, and science offers daily newspaper just for children


mzl.zjedwvfe.175x175-75Press4Kids (P4K) announced the launch of its first publication, News-O- Matic, an educational news app for children 7 to 10 years old. The groundbreaking app covers current events, including sports, science and much more in an innovative and kid-friendly way. News-O-Matic transforms the news experience for young readers in a safe and interactive environment, encouraging children to become well-informed global citizens.

P4K’s objective is to inspire a generation of children to become habitual news readers and well-informed global citizens. Its first publication, News-O-Matic, contextualizes the news and creates an experience that engages and entertains. News-O-Matic is a daily newspaper application which includes five daily news stories, detailed images, videos, illustrations, maps, timelines, and games.

News-O-Matic is active! Children not only have the opportunity to explore the latest current events through the app but are given a voice to express their views. Children can interact with the Editor-in- Chief by rating stories, drawing pictures, asking questions or expressing opinions about current topics in the “News Room” section of the app.

The News-O-Matic editorial team is led by Editor-in-Chief Russell Kahn, an award-winning author of educational books and is comprised of dedicated journalists and educators. Articles cover the latest in world news with an age-appropriate and easy-to-understand approach. Each article is reviewed by an on- staff-child psychologist to ensure that all content is safe for children. P4K has fully aligned with school standards and all content meets Common Core State Standards (CCSS) at the 3rd- and 4-grade levels.

“Children can no longer be spared from the news,” said Lillian Holtzclaw Stern, Press4Kids, Co-Founder. “And many parents don’t have the time or know-how to explain current events. That’s why we felt compelled to create News-O-Matic — to provide children with a resource that satisfies their curiosity and teaches them about their world while having fun.”

News-O-Matic is available for the iPad or iPad Mini in the Apple App Store for a free, three-edition trial here. The newspaper is 100% ad-free, with weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions available through the app for $1.99, $6.99, and $49.99, respectively. For more information, please visit

About Press4Kids
Founded in 2012 by mother and children’s education advocate, Lillian Holtzclaw Stern and tech media entrepreneur, Marc-Henri Magdelenat, Press4Kids publishes daily digital publications for children that seek to explain, analyze, and put into age-appropriate perspective top local, national, and international news stories. P4K’s mission is to report current affairs to a young audience in a true, concise, and educational manner. Be sure to like Press4Kids on Facebook and follow on Twitter for the latest updates.

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