Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System

Review by: Carisa Kluver  from  The Digital Media Diet   Blast off with Professor Astro Cat in this delightful new learning app from Mini Lab Studios in partnership with their sister company, Flying Eye Books, an award-winning children’s book publisher. Professor Astro Cat's Solar System features fun facts about all the planets in our solar system. Presented in a book-game hybrid app, this content is not only educational but also deeply engaging. Kids earn medals as they learn, including answering True/False questions in a rocket game that is so fun they barely realize they are being tested. My 9-year-old was enthralled and especially enjoyed the chance to build his rocket as he progressed through the levels. Navigation throughout the app is intuitive and includes easy ways to get home or start another chapter in this storytelling app about the planets. The app begins with the Sun, but young learners can skip around to a favorite planet in this nonlinear exploration of our universe. Medals are earned playing educational games that include tests of reading comprehension. This would be an excellent classroom app, chock full of useful non-fiction content but packaged in such a novel and engaging way that children will not mind that they are learning a lot along the way. NeptuneOverall this is a stellar example of gamification at its very best. It was even featured recently by the Huffington Post which said, "If only we had this when we were in elementary school." The app does include a lot of reading and does not have any voice-over, so it's ideal for ages 8 and up. It includes information about the following topics: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Earth, Space Travel, Mars, Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Kuiper Belt. Highly recommended! See more Reviews by Digital Storytime
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