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  READ REVIEW of MONSTER MATH HERE Free Fun Game for Grades 2-5 by Makkajai Edu Tech Private Limited, is designed to practice early math facts and help kids easily assimilate the learning of both addition/subtraction and multiplication/division through use in a gaming format. Terms and Conditions: 1. The giveaway will be open from 00:00 Hrs EDT on May 1, 2015 through 23:59 Hrs PDT on May 3, 20152. There will be a $100 iTunes gift card awarded to one person selected at random from the eligible participants in the giveaway 3. Eligible participants for the giveaway are those participants who have finished filling the survey and who have downloaded a free copy of Monster Math from the link given in the survey 4. Decision of Makkajai Edu Tech Private Limited (“Makkajai”) on the survey winner is final. Makkajai reserves all rights to change, terminate, cancel all or any conditions to the giveaway 5. The winner will be announced on May 4, 2015 at 12 noon EDT 6. Makkajai may collect certain personal information to contact you, but will not share any information with third parties        

Autism-advocacy-tolerance-diversity-education-apps-1GEEK CLUB BOOKS for Educators

Geek Club Books is a nonprofit with an autism education mission to teach all children about autism and to make those who are autistic feel welcome and valued. We accomplish this using technology and the art of storytelling. Research shows that storytelling has an impact on the brain and the actions that follow. Stories elicit empathy. Stories affect change.

The Geek Club Books wants educators to get involved and they are giving away codes for their wonderful story about diversity:

The Terrible Taunting is a creative and interactive story APP based on the real life experiences growing up with ASPERGER’S SYNDROME. This superhero story is told by someone who sees the world from a very unique perspective. It teaches ACCEPTANCE, UNDERSTANDING and EMPATHY for those on the AUTISM spectrum.

By simply clicking here you will recieve a special gift. Open the page and grab the code and  follow the directions to upload Blackfish, on the top right in the Blackfish app, enter your code, and click ‘Submit’. The book will automatically download for you. Hurry get your GEEK CLUB BOOKS for Educators GIVEAWAY now!

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