Props in a Box – TWA Toy w/App Winner!

images-1Props in a Box - TWA Toy w/App Winner! We first came across Props in a Box at the Toy Fair and are so glad we waited around for a demo, this back to basics sturdy dress up box combines professions in such a way that any story is bound to be fascinating. We received The Fisherman and the Astronaut for a tryout and were amazed at how popular this concept was with all the kids we played with. From two to ten, age was no barrier for joining in the drama! Best part, the whole family ends up joining in and having a blast with this imaginative dress upset, backdrop, and video app to make your own original creations. FUN for the whole FAMILY, about time! And although it is about screen time it is the emphasis to be creative, use your imagination and try your hand at storytelling or put on a full blown production! The props/costumes are made from a durable felt fabric that screams quality and the sturdy suitcase that it comes packaged in can easily be incorporated into any storyline. IT GET'S BETTER! This young company has thought of everything from Velcro fish that adhere to the backdrop and fishing poles that actually catch fish (Velcro again). The costumes are cleverly designed so that there is no reason that the fisherman or the astronaut could be wearing one of the gloves and the all the other elements are easily interchangeable. Now for the app, a free download after purchase is easy to use, has all kinds of film credit options to be filled in and the added bonus of SPECIAL EFFECTS! We did encounter a glitch here and there and were unable to save some of the footage that we had edited. The option for special effects is really the icing on the cake! We are still learning how to up our game with our editing techniques and as with any tech tool, you learn as you go. images-3What are you waiting for, order HERE or look around as many of the big box stores are carrying this product! This creative investment has unlimited possibilities and we have kids back where we want them: pretending with imaginative play, making up their own plots, working cooperatively AND learning to use a 21st tech tool to record the fun.  
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  1. This is such an exciting product! It would have worked perfectly during pilot work exercises that I undertook while creating my fun, educational projects for schools in the UK. I found that pupils, teachers, parents and carers totally enjoyed creating props and costumes for role play, stage performances etc., so feel totally engaged with this product.