Puzzleography: World Geography Puzzle Game

  Puzzleography: World Geography Puzzle Game, by Free Range Eggheads, is a drag and drop puzzle style geography learning app for iPad. The theme is pirates, complete with maps, treasure chests, and fireworks inside a cave filled with gold! It's a perfect app for homeschool and in school curriculum. Some of the many features that amp up the app's educational value: - There's no background music which helps children stayed focus. - You can switch between levels without losing your current puzzle. - The randomized puzzle pieces means you play a new game every time. - If you ever find that you "lose track" of a small country, switch to the Names level to locate it quickly. The range in levels make game play fun and educational for every age group, even adults: - Level 0 (Easy Mode): Touch a piece to reveal its location - Level 1: Touch the continent, country, or state to hear its name and see it spelled - Level 2: Drag each state or country to its proper place - Level 3: Drag the name of each state or country to its proper place In conclusion, Puzzleography is addicting and a great map puzzle geography game that's truly fun for the whole family! With tons of content and multiple levels, it's challenging and entertaining for any age. This app will improve your knowledge of the world and have users returning again and again! There is a LITE version, which is fully functional, but only contains a map of the United States. Might be a nice way to try the app out, but we guarantee you'll want purchase the full version at some point. The full version contains maps of: United States, The World (Continents), Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, North America, South America. There's also a secret bonus map accessible from a “hidden” button on the menu screen!  
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