Rafter HD

  Rafter HD, by Emantras, has gone gold. It now has a new avatar and additional levels of play. Rafter is a deceptively simple, physics-based puzzle game. You need to draw your shape and plan your timing to hit your target.  You also need to think, concentrate, attend, and eventually learn to deal with some frustration as the game is difficult to stop playing. We handed our iPads to some high school students and they didn't come up for air for an hour! Our research lends itself to a feeling that there is learning going on here, just in a subtle way. Puzzles have a history going back civilizations and the intrigue surrounding them never dies. Sam Loyd living in the in the 1800's, believed that puzzles are  "…a school for cleverness and ingenuity." Accordingly, he states, "I have always treated and considered puzzles from an educational standpoint, for the reason that they constitute a species of mental gymnastics which sharpen the wits and train the mind to reason along straight lines." …a school for cleverness and ingenuity." "Puzzle solving sharpens critical thinking and problem-solving ability and offers a higher potential to develop many of the multifaceted thinking skills. Summer is a great time do some playing with your brain, stir up that gray matter. http://www.samuelloyd.com/
Some puzzles just seem impossible. But if you give it a try, sooner or later one begins to realize that there might just be a way to complete the puzzle. That feeling that the task at hand is impossible surfaces quite often in our lives but you’ll never know unless you try. “First you must do what you are afraid of, then and only then will you have the courage to do it.”  Another lesson that directly pertains to Rafter is learning from one’s mistakes. One must observe each and every move he/she makes so that he/she will not make the same mistake twice, rather only improve the outcome.

This app offers the complexity of a trigonometry equation, forcing you to stay focused and thinking carefully, anticipating what the cause and effect will be of your every move. You really have to use your brain on this one. Rafter HD is loaded with 10 new levels of play.  The KEY levels are added at regular intervals, you’ll be working on many really tricky tasks to proceed further and faster. We much prefer the original artwork that resembled Da Vinci sketches on old torn paper, giving it a feeling that you were part of the invention process. To our delight, it is possible to return to the original graphics in the setting options.

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