Read – Kids learn to read and write in 20 easy lessons

readIcon-1Read - Kids learn to read and write in 20 easy lessons by Olivier Romanetti is a comprehensive beginning reading program all in one app straight out of Paris. This app has it all when it comes to preparing young children to learn how to read and it is neatly organized into 20 lessons. The wide variety of exercises (120) and bright colors are a great way to keep kids engaged, the app has a super simple interface and navigation from one activity to another and back again is seamless.This sensible early reading system introduces young children to letter sounds and to simple words, sight words, and basic stories to read. Parents will appreciate the book’s refreshingly straightforward approach and uncluttered format, an ideal supplement for those homeschooling their children. The developer understands that when it comes to reading readiness simple is the best approach! I would agree that when learning to read children need a strong phonetic foundation and exposure to the concept of whole words, this passage is a direct quote from the developer:  Read draws on two of the most popular methods currently in use for teaching to read in English: the PHONICS METHOD and the WHOLE LANGUAGE METHOD. Most education experts now agree that a COMBINATION OF BOTH is the key to SUCCESSFUL LEARNING. Activities Include:  - Letter Tracing - How Do You Spell It - Choose the Right Word - Listen and Write - Match Words and Sounds - Interactive Writing Pad - Stories and Questions - Learn the Alphabet - More Stories - Sight Words and Phrases Many of the activities involve auditory skills, and I would recommend a headset if you are not directly working with the child and are expecting independent play. For the classroom, the app could be set up in a center or station area again with individual headsets for multiple users. Read - Kids learn to read and write in 20 easy lessons has covered all bases and they have an excellent and engaging tool with a long shelf life that stands to help any young child get prepared for the challenge of reading, writing, and spelling. TWA recommended! Wishlist: Fine tune several of the phonemes give a choice of different fonts, for the most part, we use a manuscript not d'nealian in the US. Maybe in the next update consider having some simple drawings to promote comprehension. I made it end    
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