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  tap click readtcr-logo imgres Wow, just when you are in a slump wondering why you work relentlessly (for little to no wages), promoting the best in digital technology, a tweet catches your eye! And all those years of perseverance pay off! TWA is a labor of love and is basically manned by myself and a handful of dedicated teachers who selflessly give their time and knowledge to better the cause. Kudos to Jo Booth, essentially my partner in crime and the reason why TWA still exists today! Common Sense Media is a giant backed by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and employs over 200 people. They also partner with influential media corporations such as NBC, Disney, Netflix, Huffington Post, and Nickelodeon, just to name a few. This small gesture couldn't have come at a better time and we here at Teachers With Apps are more motivated than ever! 9f81d055-48e3-45e7-8f25-0c068d998253

Our media channels include: 23,000 Twitter Followers which equates to approximately 20,000 impressions in a 24-hour period, we get over 130,000 visits to our site every month, and 1,900 views on Pinterest each day! Teachers With Apps has started an Instagram account as well, we will keep you posted as those analytics come in.

Tweet activity for 2/4/18
Your Tweets earned 19,613 impressions over the last 24 hours    
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