Rounds: Franklin Frog

NEWteacherwithappsRounds: Franklin Frog, by Nosy Crow, is their first foray into non-fiction literature and they have done such a brilliant job it reads more like a storybook than a nonfiction piece. It is beyond a doubt simply darling, and what we like best is the completely calming aura that comes from combining soothing background music with the exceptional scenes from a kids-eye view of nature. What the children liked best were the circles to encourage interactivity. The all time favorite was freeing the tadpole from his egg. The book gracefully follows the life cycle of a frog with gorgeous illustrations which focus on circles. Every on-screen element is a circle or a portion of a circle including the symbol for interactivity. This is the first of an innovative new series of multimedia, interactive life-science/non-fiction apps based on circular characters whose real life stories start where they end. Rounds: Franklin Frog follows the life cycle of a frog through three generations. • Hands-on opportunities to take part in the life of a frog: tap, swipe and guide frogs with your finger to make them jump, swim, catch flies, avoid predators, find a place to hibernate, croak to attract a mate, lay eggs, hatch, and transform from a tadpole into a frog. • 100s of frog facts: did you know that frogs chew by pressing food against the back of their eyeballs with their tongues? • High-quality child-narrated audio accompanied by text highlighting (but you can also turn the voice audio off so the child can read the text by themselves if you prefer) • Original, high-quality illustration, made of circles and parts of circles to reflect the circle-of-life theme • Original musical soundtrack by an award-winning games composer  
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