Roxie’s Doors

  Roxie's Doors, by OCG Studios - The award-winning storybook Doors, by Roxie Munro, is now available as a lift the flap 3-D search book. You can choose to read this book yourself or be read to by the author. Find and animate over 90 little things and objects that are hidden behind doors, in drawers, and in cabinets. Activate a multitude of funny sounds and increase children's' vocabulary by searching for objects that might be new words for them. Stimulate your kids' curiosity with this fun search-and-find, lift the flaps book which is written in rhyme. Roxie's Doors is a well executed "I spy" book with wonderful hand drew graphics. We love the rhyming text, as well as the option of two different voices to narrate. Remember to tilt the screen to reveal hidden corners of the screen. This app will challenge children (some objects are tough to find!) and keep their attention. No rooms, closets or cabinets are off limits in Roxie's Doors!  
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