Sammy Helps Out by Peppy Pals

sammyhelpsicon1024Sammy Helps Out by Peppy Pals is an adorable storybook app that promotes the golden rule in a simple story with sincere characters. The Golden Rule or law of reciprocity is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated themselves and this story's message of helping others and accepting differences is a pertinent topic across all borders. The app settings give the user the ability to have the story narrated in English or Swedish or turned off to present the story as a visual narrative or wordless book. This series has been a smash hit in Sweden and is relatively new to the US market. I would think that this team might working on translations to localize this app in as many different languages as possible. Peppy Pals and they encourage children to develop a strong foundation in SEL (social - emotional - learning). Being able to identify, comprehend, and control  one's emotions are life-long skills that are necessary from an early age right through adulthood. These storybook apps provide the perfect presentation for very young children to understand and acquire these pertinent skills and are best shared with parents, siblings or caregivers. The app developers have even given a lengthy list of discussion questions at the end of the story for the grown up's. The last line of the story could be in neon lights as it is so often overlooked in today's society, "... we are all good at different things." Peppy Pals is a unique way to nurture children’s ages 2-8 social and emotional intelligence (EQ) without text or language. Our award-winning apps are characterized by high-quality visuals and simple, fun and meaningful interactions with our five quirky animal friends. KEY FEATURES: • Based on the award-winning app Peppy Pals Farm. • Enchanting narrative voice. • Learn about collaboration, emotions and friendship. • 11 valuable questions to discuss while reading together. • Interactive, high quality visuals and animations. • Rooted in social and emotional intelligence (EQ). • Child-friendly interface. • No external links. • No third party advertising. • No in-app purchases. Wish List: It would be great to have a bit more interactivity that involves the child and the touch screen. Children could actually help Sammy the Horse get Reggie the dog up out of the water and be part of Gabby gliding across the board to get to the other side of the creek. This would involve the youngsters in the story as being part of the solution. images-2

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