Santa’s Christmas Activity Book

  Santa's Christmas Activity Book, by BBP Creations - This app is reminiscent of the holiday activity books of yore. By adding the interactive functionality of the iPad, the developers have created a pretty special experience. We love the look and feel of nostalgia that this app brings right from the onset. The homepage features an old-fashioned Santa sitting in a chair in front of a fire flickering in the fireplace... all very inviting and heartwarming. The activity selection page is also well done, the layout is simple and concise and appealing to children. They were delighted by the border of presents scattered around the menu. The Parental controls are a great feature: they're easy to find, understand and manipulate. The activities are fun, educational, engaging and a great creative outlet for kids. They include: matching holiday words, counting holiday objects and decorating their own Christmas tree, gingerbread man and building their very own snowman. All pictures can be printed or emailed and the activities can be enjoyed over and over again by touching the reset icon. We like the varying levels for the counting games, it adds to wider audience appeal. The whole family can take part! One of the best features of this app, that we really LOVE, is the ability to write or draw a letter to Santa and email him directly from the app... and get a reply! Great idea! How fun is that!  
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