School Writing – Learn to write and more.

  School Writing – Learn to write and more., by demografix pty ltd, has everything one could ever imagine, all in one wonderful app! Paul R Collins, the developer, is an ex-teacher who created this amazing toolkit for language development. He set out to craft an app using the latest and greatest technologies and capabilities of the iPad and he believes that this is the most customizable educational app available. Teachers With Apps wholeheartedly agrees! "I set out to develop an app the utilized the full capabilities of the iPad. That is using the microphone to record students work and teacher instructions/words or sounds, tracings and the full use of images, all of which could be fully customized." Paul Collins, Chief Thinker at Each activity area includes a list of lessons, instructions on how to complete each lesson, and the ability to add, edit, import, and export lessons. Each lesson features a large tracing area, on which the student can use their finger or a stylus to trace lines, letters, numbers, words or images. Students will intuitively trace pre-handwritten shapes, uppercase and lowercase letters, and anything you that you import, with ease. Also included with each lesson is the ability to play an audio recording of the lesson and the ability for the student or teacher to record their own audio instructions or responses for each lesson. There are three different tracing options: outlines with directional tracking arrow prompt, solid lines without arrow prompts, and dot representations, this attention to detail should make any teacher BEAM! The app is packed with content that is easily changed and modified in the settings menu, for teacher or parent preferences... again, customizable! You can create and manage multiple profiles. Hear and see letters with associated images and sounds, add your own images from the photo library, and record your own letter with your own dialect of preference. The completed lessons can be automatically emailed with the student’s tracings and recordings included. Demografix pty ltd was founded with a simple approach, to create quality educational apps that contain the correct resources for each geo-specific area, such as the correct school fonts to enable content to be user created, saved and shared, to create apps that are teacher or parent lockable to ensure control of the content, functions.  Founded in 2011, demografix is an educational think tank, consisting of teachers, inventors, and right brain thinkers, for creating the next generation of quality educational apps for the iPhone and iPad. This open-ended scaffolding enables the lessons to be words, numbers or symbols and extends the use of School Writing far beyond early education and enables differentiation for all in a SNAP! It's always a pleasure and FUN to work with great apps!  
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