ScootPad – Addresses Common Core

  -2ScootPad is taking the educational world and app world by storm, and for good reason. There are so many great things about this app, I hardly know where to begin! Scootpad, by ScootPad Corporation, came to our school's attention in the last month and we have never looked back. -3 For grades k-5 never wonder what you are going to do about common core, it has all been done for you. This program can be run by computer or app. Start by signing up for a free account and premium trial for 30 days. Then get started. Add your students or import them from Edumoto. Teachers can assign certain standards, allow self-paced study or assign a learning path. We are piloting a project in our school where we are assigning student's grade level and instructional level learning paths. -1Students pick from over 350 avatars. They go to their dashboards to see their assignments in math or English language arts, spelling, projects, reading log or writing, which is coming soon. There is a class wall in a Facebook type setup. This has been a great place for our students to safely use social media, and us to teach the appropriate rules. Teachers can delete this or shut it off during certain hours through the settings. Shout outs to their friends also have settings. There are a variety of questions at all levels and a variety of modes to answer. For example, the kindergarten level has reading support through Reading Speaker, which provides reading support to websites. Even at this level, students are typing in answers. This is going to become very important as tests are moved online starting next year. They may have a multiple choice, fill in the blank, or typing an entire sentence with commas in the correct spot. It gives them two chances. At the end of the exercise, fireworks go off if they read 80% or whatever threshold you set, allowing students with disabilities to fully participate. Students can then review their answers, both correct and incorrect. The report feature of this program is out of this world for several reasons. Students can check their progress, and at fifth grade believe me, they know. The codes of green, yellow and red are used for easy interpretation. Teachers can run reports by students, by skill or practices, allowing for further small group intervention as needed. -2Now to my favorite part. Each night Scootpad emails teachers, telling them about their student - who the leader of the day is, how many are scoring above and below proficiency and new features of the program. My students clamor to get on in the morning to see what classes, schools, and districts are the top in the nation. Only right answers count towards this score, giving the students extra incentive to work hard. There is a portion, that describes how much paper and money is being saved. After the trial is over, it is such an inexpensive solution for a class at only$5.00 per month per class. Yes, that is per class, not per student. There is also a 10% discount for six months and 20% discount for a year subscription. After students have completed 100 practices, in the settings, teachers can refer other teachers, further reducing their monthly costs. Students can log on at home for free and there is an option for a parent to have an upgraded subscription. Add this app to your classroom, just in time to review for state tests!   About the Author AnnFrancis1Ann Francis is a die hard special education teacher of who believes everyone can learn. She has been using iPads in the classroom for three years and it has totally changed the way she instructs. Ann also offers professional development on collecting data with apps, training teachers on apps and using the iPad. Visit Ann at iPadBrainology and on twitter @ipadbrainolgy
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  1. Heather

    After the trial though, the kids are prompted to buy “silver” subscription in order to keep the avatar choices and shout-outs. Parents have to pay a monthly fee. I felt it was VERY underhanded when I paid and then the kids lost their privileges (and we lost class time as they mourned their avatars).