Screen Time And Kids


Screen Time And Kids

Screen time. In today’s connected world, there are more and more reasons to experience screen time. Screens are so prevalent, it’s hard to avoid them altogether. Having children only complicates the matter—do you find yourself wondering what the right amount of screen time for kids is? Your children are likely living a very different childhood from the one you had. Balancing the good that screen time may bring, with the importance of other activities, can be hard. If you’re trying to figure it all out, here’s what you need to know about screen time—both the good and the bad.

What Counts as Screen Time?

Your child’s age will shape the kind of screen time they’ll be exposed to. Frequently used screens include:
  • Time watching television
  • Playing video games on handheld and large screen platforms
  • Using computers
  • Working with tablets
  • Scrolling or gaming on smartphones
If you have elementary school-aged kids, remember, they’re likely encountering screen time at school as well. From television viewing to educational apps and smart boards, screens are now rampant in the school setting. Your job is to make sure your children are accessing the positive components of technology without exceeding the recommended screen time for kids.

How Can Screen Time Do Good?

Before you throw out every electronic device you own, it's worth noting that screen time for kids isn’t all bad. In fact, screens can provide a great opportunity for learning and development. Recent studies indicate that learning can be more effective through games and play-based activities. If your child is watching high-quality television programming, they’re likely experiencing interactive storytelling. This can also encourage learning processing to take place. Just make sure your child is staying within the recommended TV time for kids based on their age. It’s no secret that hand-eye coordination can be improved through the use of video games. Educational programming is readily available and can help your child learn while providing entertainment. Used appropriately, there’s no doubt that screen time can be an asset to your child’s development and their childhood experience.

What Are the Disadvantages to Screen Time?

Along with the good does come some bad. This is what can happen if your child is exposed to too much screen time. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE By Ryan Howard Ryan is a co-founder of SmartParentAdvice. When he isn't spending time with his wife, Cristin, or his two children, he can often be found running around on the tennis court.
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