Screen Time Guidelines Change Again!

AAP Changes Screen Time Guidelines For Kids Under 2


The American Academy of Pediatrics has just amended its policy regarding screen time for the toddler set. The American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines now say that parents need to avoid screens in children younger than 18 months. The practice of video chatting was deemed fine for babies or toddlers of any age. The AAP recommends that parents and caregivers develop a family media plan that takes into account the health, education and entertainment needs of each individual child as well as the whole family; and then follow the family media plan together, revising it when necessary.  Here is a snippet from the Huffington Post: “This policy statement is really a big-picture perspective shift in terms of how we’re asking parents to be mentors or guides for their young kids as they encounter all this new media,” Dr. Jenny Radesky, a specialist in developmental-behavioral pediatrics with the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and an author on the new statement, told The Huffington Post. “Parents want to know, ‘How do I do this? Give me the tools I need so I can bring up my kids to be good, facile users of media and not develop problematic habits.’” To that end, parents with toddlers between 18 months and 2 years old who choose to introduce digital media should make a family use plan so they can be deliberate about their child’s screen use, and stick with high-quality programming. They should also be with their children as they watch. Toddlers rely on their parents to help them grasp the concepts and words they see and hear, said Radesky. READ the full article HERE The emphasis is no longer just on how much time kids spend using digital media, but how they use it.  
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