Scribble Press Deluxe by Fingerprint Digital

FP_Scribble_iTunes-150x150Scribble Press Deluxe  Kids can tell their stories with Scribble Press Deluxe by Fingerprint Digital, the mobile book creation platform for kids that encourages creative writing and artistic expression through writing, drawing and a creative tool suite. Scribble Press Deluxe was created by Fingerprint, which is a global mobile technology company that powers games and curates play-and-learn content to targeted customers around the world through dedicated mobile networks. Scribble Press Deluxe is the evolution of the award-winning Scribble Press, which has seen more than three million books created by children six to 12 since it launched three years ago. This new app provides kids with creative multimedia tools that they can use by creating stories through writing, drawing, animation, video, and audio. Fingerprint_Scribble_2 Fingerprint_Scribble_3-1With no limits on creativity, children are limited only by their imagination. They can either start with a blank book or finish a pre-written story that encourages them to add music, photos, recordings of their own voice and the ability to put themselves into the story – using more than 300 drawing tools, backgrounds, and stickers. There are 30 fill-in-the-blank story starters ranging from the silly to the sublime. Key features of the Deluxe Version:
  1. VIDEO: Books can be exported as short videos to share with friends and family members.
  2. STORY STARTERS: New story starters help get kids right into the fun and creativity. Kids can also start with a blank page and write any story they like.
  3. STICKERS: More than 300 beautiful digital stickers, characters, backgrounds, stamps and drawing tools are included for kids to use.
  4. PHOTO FEATURE: Kids can also put themselves into the story with photo import and special photo stickers.
  5. MUSIC, VOICE RECORDING AND MORE: Kids can add music and their own voice to any story.
Fingerprint_Scribble_4Pricing - $4.99 Facebook: Twitter: @ScribblePress Download Here : Apple IOS Google Play       Print  
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