“Seeds to Plants app enables early years kids find out how to grow plants”

spanish_3Seeds of Plants app enables early years kids find out how to grow plants” Storm’s new app, Seeds to Plants, allows children to explore the basic concepts of growing plants - from when they are planted as seeds to having large, healthy flowers! In the app, sunflower seeds are planted in a garden, and children need to choose the weather each day to make the plants grow. If they choose the right weather, children will be able to see sunflower plants developing; but if they choose too much sun (and no rain), the plants will dry out and eventually die; or if they choose snow for more than one day, the plants will die due to the cold! With all the interest in getting children interested in science, and with the New Generation Science Standards being adopted across different states, it’s a great way of allowing children to experiment and find out about plants. english_0 english_3 It’s a lesson that children can build on in the real world: if children plant sunflower seeds for themselves in plastic cups, they will know to expect to see shoots, leaves, and flowers if they keep watering the plants; and that they must not plant them outside if it is too cold! Seeds of Plants is available for iPad and Mac and is available in English and Spanish. Full details are available at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/seeds-to-plants/id951417945?ls=1&mt=8 Storm Educational have been producing educational software for many years and in that time, we have created many titles in the “Smudge the Spaniel” range of software which introduces and reinforces basic skills, with titles in numeracy, literacy, science, geography, and punctuation. Contact: Peter Miles @stormeducation
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