NEWteacherwithappsSentenceBuilderTeen, by Mobile Education Store, is the first release by Kyle Tomson developed specifically for teens. Educators and parents, if you are not yet familiar with Kyle Tomson and his brilliant apps, it is time to get to know him. His suite of apps just keeps growing and now that he is adding teen content, he's reaching an even wider user base and moving into the mainstream. Like many other developers, Kyle delved into the app biz to help support his own special needs child. The beauty of his apps is that they are applicable to various needs, as well as levels. They certainly can't be labeled special need apps, as they help a wide range of students with learning language skills. Language development is the precursor to all other areas of learning. All the Mobile Education Store apps use the multi-sensory approach by engaging the tactile, visual, and auditory senses addressing the needs of different learning styles and ensuring retention of what has been mastered. SentenceBuilderTeen is designed to help teenage children learn how to build grammatically correct sentences. The content for SentenceBuilderTeen is identical to the IAP's of the award-winning SentenceBuilder, but in a stand-alone app for teenagers. SentenceBuilderTeen pays explicit attention to the connector words that make up over 80% of the English language. Combined with age appropriate images that will appeal to older children, this app offers an exciting and engaging environment for improving the grammar of older students having trouble with language. The input we have received and the observations we’ve made with this teen version are terrific! Skills students, with differing degrees of handicapping conditions, were mesmerized by the multi-word, wheel picker and we found their reaction to the more mature images appropriate. ESL students who were struggling with vocabulary and syntax loved playing, their faces lit up when they were able to proceed to longer and more involved levels of play. Other students who were not usually risk takers and stuck to their usual short, but sweet, sentences were encouraged to take risks and create sophisticated compound sentences. The effect of using these sentences builds skills directly into their writing assignments. When we spoke with the developer he told us that,  “The older kids really appreciate 1) the teen-centric photos and 2) not having to endure the babyish animations.”  We can second that! Sentence Builder is a remarkable communication development app that, with the support of an adult, offers students who are overcoming challenges in handwriting and/or increasing verbal sentence length a way to develop and practice age-typical sentence creation skills. FEATURES - Simple and intuitive interface to build sentences - 100 teenager themed pictures to build sentences around - 3 Levels of play - 30 encouragement audio clips - Optional correct sentence audio re-enforcement - Statistics to track students progress - Individual student statistics page  
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  2. Helen Wagner

    This looks like a great, well thought out program!