Signing Numbers & Colors with ASL videos

  Signing Numbers & Colors, by Rosemary Sanford, just got an update! The now titled Signing Numbers & Colors with ASL videos can be purchased within the free app, Interactive Touch Books - for Kids and contains twenty pages of interactive games that not only reinforce number and color skills but really teaches how to sign numbers 1-20 and 12 different colors. The featured ASL (American Sign Language) videos really make this app a standout. The videos are slow enough to clearly see, and learn, exactly how to sign the words. This app also offers a coloring page and a special song awaits you at the end.The following options are available: Read To Me, Music & Effects Only and My Narration, which allows you to personalize your app by recording your voice for any of the 20 pages withing the book. Signing Numbers & Colors with ASL videos is recommended for ages 2-6, but we recommend it to anyone who would like to learn a bit of sign language. When I taught Pre-K, I practiced sign language with the kids to keep them focused, yet quiet, while we were waiting to go somewhere. Many a time while on a field trip or lined up waiting to go out for recess, I would go through the whole alphabet in sign language. The kids would follow along intently, with their little hands held high in the air, signing the alphabet. I hope Rosemary keeps this up and adds a Signing the Alphabet app to her repertoire!  
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