Skoolbo’s Educational Resource Shop Opening Soon!

children a As the great online math and literacy challenge, Learnathon, enters its final two weeks, there’s some exciting news from creators Skoolbo. Their brand new online educational resource shop is almost ready! Teachers will be able to use the funds raised from the Learnathon to purchase amazing resources to excite and engage their students. From fabulous lesson plans to up to the minute digital resources and printable activities, there’s going to be plenty to choose from. partners-1 It seems that family and friends have really got behind the children taking part. The total funds raised so far has reached an impressive... totaliser   Image will be crafted to have total raised and Learnathon logo Every cent raised will be converted to credit for teachers to spend in the educational resource shop. This means that students benefit from participating in the challenge in two very important ways; they will have taken giant strides forward in securing essential foundational skills and will have access to wonderful new learning resources in their classroom. Skoolbo is completely free for teachers, children, and parents and is trusted by over 51,500 schools worldwide.   94 b Register today! register    
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