SLP Minimal Pairs Full

  -2Minimal pairs are groups of words that differ in one phonological element, meaning the sound of a given letter. For example, “bit” and “bet” differ in their middle vowel sound; even though just one letter changes, the meaning of the words is different. The difference could also be with consonants, such as in the minimal pair of “let” and “pet.”  SLP Minimal Pairs Full uses pairs of 367 words to help clients identify and correct phonological sounds. Developed by speech-language pathologists, this app can help identify phonological disorders in children age pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade. The app is sophisticated and is a great tool for speech therapists, but it is also user-friendly, so teachers and parents are able to use SLP Minimal Pairs as well. The app allows you to monitor progress and sees changes throughout multiple sessions, which is a great plus for educators as well as therapists. SLP Minimal Pairs works through a series of games, including Auditory Discrimination, and Contrast and Repetition Drills. Auditory Discrimination works on a child’s ability to hear different phonemes in each minimal pair, Contrast Drills work on correct pronunciation, and Repetition Drills reinforces learning through motor learning. SLP Minimal Pairs allows you to create a profile for each user, including the student’s name, grade level, which settings you want to include in each session, and a session history. This aspect of the app is great because you can use the same app for multiple users and monitor each individual’s progress. Even through using the app, the buttons are placed near the therapist or educator, which gives the facilitator control over the session. Users of SLP Minimal Pairs say that they can tell a licensed SLP created the app, and they also say kids love playing the games. SLP Minimal Pairs is an iPad app and costs $29.99. Update - here’s what’s new with the most current release of SLP Minimal Pair (2.0) for iPad. 1.   An easier way to email session results 2.   Voice recording and playback during session for immediate feedback 3.   Increased student limit. Honestly, we thought a student load was enough at 75, but now therapists can have hundreds. 4.   Jazzier look. It was time for a “makeover.” 5.   Removal of the “VGA Out” option on the settings control. It happens automatically now.  
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