Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer – Teach Kids about Airplane Travel

admin-aja175 imgres-6Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer, by Social Bug Labs, is the latest release to sweep you off your feet and take you for a ride. Get your wings ready, as this app is all about flying. Fun-Powered Education is this team's motto and we have to agree, this is a fun and very educational app. Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer - Teach Kids about Airplane Travel begins by asking kids, where would you like to go? Kids can then choose from a travel diary which location they want to go - London, San Francisco, Cairo, Beijing, just to name a few of the exciting travel options. A world map is shown, giving a hint of what to pack for this particular destination. They are taken through the initial phases of planning, proper packing, and traveling to the airport. The app guides them through placing the suitcase on the conveyor, getting a bin, and removing shoes and coat before moving through the security gate. Next, the user is instructed to gather their belongings, this routine can be practiced several times. Now the fun begins, as kids begin boarding, stowing suitcases and finding the right seat number. Stu, the Starfish, is there all along to remind the passengers about buckling their seat belts and explaining about turbulence. Upon arrival, kids must match the suitcases to the correct pattern to get them off the conveyor belt. This can be challenging if one is not paying attention to detail.  Now, take a photo and send a postcard from whatever destination you have chosen; get a sticker for your suitcase from each place visited as a memento. Then, begin another trip and start again the process all over again.url-3 This app can really help small children become familiar with travel routines and prepare them for the real experience. The app is designed to make travel a familiar and fun routine, as well as alleviate anxiety and keep kids engaged during actual travel. It gives parents a simple segue to initiate conversations about specific travel situations. Each unique travel destination has different flora and fauna, as well as language, weather, customs, and foods. Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer promotes active participation and all the kids we used it with were just smitten by it!

Familiarize your child with the experience of taking a flight and make them an active participant in the travel adventure. Build anticipation, reduce your child's anxiety, or let them share your trip even if they stay home.

Additional highlights: * Names of key destinations around the world and a taste of the view and culture * The location of key destinations on the world map * 13 different famous world landmarks * 12 different avatars representing different cultural backgrounds * "Mystery" destination selection to drive the child to explore * No in-app purchases and no ads * Custom hand-drawn art * Multiplayer support through integration with YogiPlay. Recommended Ages: 3-7 url We reviewed another app from this developer, Smart Fish: Magic Matrix HD, we feel is worth a look. Click on the link to read the review.  
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