Smart Fish: Magic Matrix HD by SocialBug Labs

admin-aja175temp..czmboghs.175x175-75Smart Fish: Magic Matrix HD - Common Core Concepts of Measurements and Data for Kindergarten and 1st Grade (K.MD.3 + 1.MD.4), by SocialBug Labs, promotes critical thinking and deeper learning - this app rocks! The developers of this brilliant app promote "fun-powered education" and therefore design their apps to incorporate and enhance children's cognitive skills as a natural part of learning. TWA agrees, apps that are first and foremost fun, provide the best learning experience. This app has inherent educational components built-in, they are part of the interaction. Visual discrimination and logic or analytical skills are at the focal point of Smart Fish: Magic Matrix. The graphics pair well with the content and are bright and appealing. The game goes from the completed matrices to the Happy Reef, where children help save the reef. The kids we worked with loved the sea life element, gave it a thumbs up, and then refused to give back the iPads. It gets tricky and challenging as you proceed through the levels, keeping you engaged and happy. This app keeps sleepy app reviewers on their toes! Check out the picture below and see what we are talking about... In this innovative, story-driven categorization game, your child will learn the concepts of tables and matrices while saving Happy Reef from oil-drilling sharks! 14 exciting levels tackle subjects such as colors, shapes, numbers, emotions and more. imgres ★ ★ ★ Learning concepts ★ ★ ★ ✔ Object categorization by single and multiple categories ✔ Various categories, including color, shape, number, addition, nature, emotion, gender, profession and more! ✔ The table concept - rows and columns ✔ Correct placement of objects in a table or a matrix ✔ Attention to detail ✔ Focus ★★★ Features ★★★ ✔ 14 levels increasing in difficulty ✔ Compelling backstory and activities to encourage your child to complete all levels ✔ Simple, intuitive interface ✔ Full tutorial to help your child learn without supervision ✔ Kid-friendly and ad-free ✔ No in-app purchases ✔ Progress tracking for multiple children through integration with YogiPlay Recommended Ages: 4-7. We think it would be great for the special needs population too. Smart Fish Kids  
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