“Smart” Screentime for Kids

TWA screentime   "Smart" Screentime for Kids This blog post was inspired by the concept of what I would like to refer to as "SMART" screentime. Meaning, spending our time wisely while on our devices - all of us, children and adults alike. Why? Well, we are the product of what we consume. Valuable time is being lost due to how our societal practices with technology have evolved. The industry is being manipulated by a few behemoth entities that run mega-monopolies that literally steal our attention and seek to sell us with whatever they are advertising. Read more about Time Well Spent here. Parents need to take charge and control what, where, and how much screen time their children are consuming. The most important is the what; content is still KING and we as a society need to be smart about our own behaviors as this affects both the what and how our youngsters are spending their time. Modeling is one of the most powerful tools in education and as adults, we need to be the role models for the type of behavior we would like to instill in our younger generation. Kids need guidance, they appreciate limits and constraints. This is a known fact, check out this resource here regarding this concept. Schools have the onerous task of producing good citizens and with all the sudden emphasis on social and emotional learning, it is now a mandate in most communities to teach SEL. The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) is the world’s leading organization promoting 5 core SEL competencies in education, they integrate SEL into academics for all children starting in preschool right through high school. One recent discovery that TWA feels can give schools a leg up on implementing SEL in the classroom is SIMA (Social Impact in Media Awards) and their exemplary documentaries. They are the “Netflix for education,” that bring global literacy into the classroom and provide students with the mindset, cultural competencies, and skill sets needed to thrive in our continuously-changing society. Plus, they are designed in a familiar video format with lesson guides for teachers to easily implement! Reimagine Education with SIMA Classroom downloadSIMA Classroom gives you access to over 100 award-winning short documentaries and VR experiences, bonus features and engagement models that bring global human rights issues, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), social innovations and entrepreneurship to life. Curated from over 140 countries around the globe, this diverse and expansive “streaming service for changemakers” offers an unprecedented collection of contemporary current-affairs documentaries, participatory lesson plans, and engagement resources, that give viewers a first-person insight into the pulse, the people, and the movements behind today’s global issues.   images   Let's all make an effort to be SMART about Screentime and take advantage of our own precious time as well as our what our children consume. More on this to come.  
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