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smartfeedWhat is SmartFeed? We're your one-stop shop to help you navigate the daily challenge of kids and media. Staying on top of what kids watch, play and share is time-consuming and difficult, which leads to hours of mindless screen time, and even exposure to harmful content. We created SmartFeed to make it easy for you to manage screen time with customized media options to inspire, educate and entertain every kind of kid. SmartFeed is the trusted platform & tool for parents to easily and, conveniently curate kid's digital media. As for how it works, think Pandora (curated recommendations) meets Netflix (ease of delivery) with Facebook (like-minded community) for Parents.
  • No more searching for top 10 lists.
  • No more wondering if the content your kids want is right for your family.
  • No more running out of inspiring content for the entire family.
  • No more wondering what the impact is of the media your child absorbed at a friend’s home.
  • No more battling about screen time with your kids

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T Too many media options, ever-changing screen devices and an endless barrage of kids' requests of "Can't I watch it?" "Can I play this?" "I don't have anything to read"... and more. We feel your pain. Kids consume 8+ hours of media a day. The challenge of making sure that media is more than just "ok" can overwhelm any parent. Wondering if a media title suits your filters for kids? We take the time to review leading children's media resources and aggregate their feedback in one spot for you to digest and consider for your family. Looking for media to reinforce kids' interests, academic areas or your family values? ABOUT

content_linsly_donnely-338x338Linsly Donnelly - CEO & Founder

Mom of three, Linsly brings decades of experience building teams, products, brands, and businesses. She is a start-up veteran (co-founder and C.O.O., C.M.O., Mission Control, co-founder and GM – YogaLoftMB), strategist (Bain & Company, Coca Cola USA, Kraft GF), family advocate (author – Happy Go Local: Smart Mom’s Guide to Living the Good (and Sustainable Life), consultant (LAs BEST – After School enrichment), and PTA President (Mill Valley). Outside of work, Linsly enjoys writing, scuba diving, teaching yoga and adventures with her husband and children. A transplant from her beloved Texas, Linsly splits time near the water (San Francisco Bay Area, CA) and in the mountains (Park City, UT).

content_didi-engel-338x338Didi Engel - Consumer Insights & Business Development - Co-Founder

Mom of two, internet veteran (XO Media), and consumer products manager (P&G), Didi has spent the past two decades leading teams in the business development and eCommerce and building dozens of strategic partnerships with companies such as Target, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Macy’s. Her greatest passions, however, are her family and raising her 7 and 9-year-old boys. Please sign up here for SmartFeed, help TWA!
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