Smart Tech That Makes Teachers’ Lives Easier

easier teacher (1)Smart Tech That Makes Teachers' Lives Easier

Teaching has evolved into the digital age which means many modern classroom environments will feature tech like whiteboards and devices for the pupils and teacher to use. There are also plenty of useful apps that you can use to improve communication and make your job easier if you are teaching a class. Here is a look at some apps to consider adding to your teaching aids, including a web-based game that both teaches and entertains, some ways to improve communication, an improvement to attendance record keeping and details of an app that lets you reach out to other teachers elsewhere. Finding the right balance If you are teaching a class and notice that a pupil is using their phone to text someone that can be annoying and it is a common problem, but if you can take a positive view about the presence of smartphones and tablets in the classroom, it could be used to your advantage. If you can find some apps that allow you to harness the possibilities that technologies offer, you might find that your students pay more attention than usual. A good example of this would be the Kahoot app, which promises to turn learning into an engaging game that is suitable for all abilities. To prepare for your lesson enter a set of prepared questions and answers onto the site and then challenge your students to complete the game, helping to ensure that they learn in a way that they will find fun. An easy way to reach out to your students Effective communication between teachers, students, and parents is the key to a successful educational environment and great results, and there a couple of excellent ways to achieve this goal. G Suite for Education is a free tool that is aimed at improving classroom collaboration and boosting productivity levels. It makes it easier to distribute as well as grade assignments via the app and you will find it a breeze to organize class materials using Google Drive. This should make it simpler to engage your students in group discussions. Another useful communication aid would be an automatic call recorder app. You can use this app to keep a record of parent-teacher calls and review any points that were raised during the conversation. Perfect attendance record Keeping a reliable record of who is in the classroom and who hasn’t made it to the lesson is important, so an app like MyAt attendance tracker could help you to stay on top of the data. This sort of app puts an end to writing down notes or ticking off a register with your pen, as you can use the simple interface to enter all the attendance details quickly and efficiently. Network with your colleagues in the profession If you use an app like Teach Learn Lead will open up the chance to connect with like-minded colleagues in the profession who teach the same subject as you but at a different school. You can start discussions and ask questions to anyone in the community, as well share lesson planning ideas with each other. If you want to make your teaching job easier, it makes sense to embrace the sort of tech that makes that possible. Jon Grantish is a student who writes about college matters, for both students and teachers. He wants to pursue a career in writing and finds article writing good practice and something he enjoys.
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