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Generic Facebook Post The creators of 'SoccerMan' have released a world first app for kids that blends an interactive soccer storybook with fun and educational games!

With a host of exciting, user-friendly features, the SoccerMan app promises to be a whole lot of fun for little ones. Targeted at kids aged 2 to 5, the app has been built from the ground up by Wollongong-based brothers Matt and Jacob Timpano.

Jacob is a former professional Australian soccer player while Matt has been in the early childhood industry for more than a decade. They first developed the SoccerMan concept in 2012 in an effort to promote a happy, healthy and active lifestyle and encourage kids to dream, learn and play.

Matt said the app aims to continue spreading that message.

“It's about encouraging children to be happy, active and to follow their dreams," he explains. "The app allows children to have educational screen time but it also promotes being active and playing outdoors. Having a balance of both is important.”

Jacob, who previously captained Australia at youth level and is the current head coach of the Wollongong Wolves, was excited to continue encouraging healthy life choices through the SoccerMan app.

"It is a great way to promote healthy living and give back to the game," Jacob said. “When I retired I didn’t have many work opportunities so we came up with the SoccerMan concept. Both of our backgrounds have helped us along the way to encourage children to be healthy and active,”

"We believe the SoccerMan app can have a positive influence on children globally, so the first version is also offered in Chinese, with more languages to come," explained the former Sydney FC player.

The SoccerMan app launched worldwide on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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SoccerMan was created in 2012, by Wollongong- based brothers Matt and Jacob Timpano. It was first established as a fun and educational soccer program in childcare centres and preschools for 2-5 yr olds. Children would often refer to Matt and Jacob as – ‘SoccerMan’, like their logo as it looks just like them. In 2014 they decided to self- publish their first fictional storybook for kids, called SoccerMan, based on the character. Three years later, in 2017, they developed the SoccerMan app.


  • A fun and interactive storybook
  • Entertaining and educational games such as colour matching, shapes, fruit and vegetables, counting and much more
  • Gamification rewards such as medals and the famous SoccerMan Trophy
  • Ability to create your own avatar
  • Available in English and Chinese

CONTACT – for interview requests or additional images

Jacob Timpano: 0403 542 144   

Matt Timpano: 0401 198 528


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