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admin-aja175learn-about-the-things-you-hear-with-sound-uncovered-ipad-app-reviewSound Uncovered, by Exploratorium, is a state of the art, STELLAR, magazine-style app. Each page has amazing interactive experiences, with 12 different sound concepts to be explored. San Francisco's Exploratorium, a popular hands-on science, art, and perception museum that's been around for 40 some odd years, has now branched out to anyone with an iOS device. The app has mini units that include audio illusions and experiments. It is way cool and has endless possibilities educationally speaking. The visuals are stunning and each explanation is detailed with sound bites, graphs, videos, pics, and other sound related activities to try. Yep, and for the older kids no less. This app puts anyone in the drivers’ seat and provides an exploratory approach for each experiment. The idea is to simulate the same type of educational experience visitors gets at the museum, in an app form. Sound Uncovered makes it possible to record your voice and play it backward, take a hearing test making to determine how old your ears are, and hear with your eyes, see with your ears! The section which covers the difference between what we hear when we can see someone speaking and what we hear when we cannot see them raises an interesting point in relation to online teaching and learning. Should we always be able to see the speakers face (and, therefore, their mouth movements) as this would suggest a greater accuracy in hearing what they are actually saying!

Hear with your eyes, see with your ears!

The 12 units or modules allow you to play with these auditory illusions and unfamiliar sounds as you learn about how the human brain interprets what it hears, and how those ear-brain interactions are used for everything from selling cars to making music. Sound Uncovered is part of a series that also includes Color Uncovered. The overall purpose of the app is to surprise you and make you reconsider the assumptions about one of our basic senses. With stunning visuals, this app will enable any teacher to amaze their students. Sound Uncovered can be used in an educational setting, in a multitude of different ways. It was designed for anyone interested in learning more about science and allows you to skim the surface or dig deeper by including detailed explanations of each phenomenon. photo-1 photo-4  
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  1. […] Sound Uncovered, by Exploratorium, is a state of the art, STELLAR, magazine-style app.  […]