Sown To Grow

download-4Sown to Grow is a brilliant new web based application to teach students how to set goals and write genuine reflections about their assignments. This tool just had a major update and is now easier than ever to set up and gives the necessary structure to help every student become a more competent and confident learner. It is a wonderful way for teachers to establish learning expectations and give purpose to student class work. Teachers can individually comment on the student's work or their reflections, and yes, it also charts growth automatically! Research shows that when students know the purpose of their learning they tend to set higher achievement goals. A positive mindset can motivate students to take ownership of their learning and build tenacity. Sown to Grow is an ideal way to help students set goals and discover which learning strategies work for them. In the recent update Sown to Grow has redesigned the setup process making it much quicker and simpler. The tool is fully integrated with Google Classroom – teachers can sync their classrooms, rosters, and assignments directly with STG. What are you waiting for? This is a great way to get kids motivated and invested in their own learning which always yields substantially better outcomes. Sign up HERE! In this NEW learning update, you will also find an updated strategies page, enhanced teacher insight views, and much more! Sown to Grow gives kids an action by inviting reflection on experience that encourages higher learning. One way to help children learn how to reflect is asking what a reflection looks like when it really tells you something about when they learn best. This may need to be modeled. Purposeful learning is reinforced when students understand how the content they study is important for their everyday lives. Also, it is essential to let students know that making mistakes is not a "bad" thing. It is actually a proven road to growth to mastery when mistakes are acknowledged and reflection is used productively. Features
  • Builds self-tracking, reflection, and learning skills that are fundamental for growth mindset, student agency and academic success (here's a short piece on how attitude is an integral part of learning  written by Co-founder Rupa Gupta)
  • Enables teachers to see how different students learn best through student reflections on what’s working and what’s not.
  • Guides students in the right direction with evidence-based learning strategies
  • Creates a snapshot of all student’s scores in one place - without logging into multiple software or printing endless reports.
  • Fully integrated with Google Classroom. Teachers can sync rosters and assignments directly with STG.
  • Elementary (Grades K-4), High School (Grades 9-12), Middle School (Grades 5-8)
Student-Image-1-300x224 Student-Image-2-300x164 Sown To Grow was born in the classroom as a response to real student and teacher needs. During the 2014-15 school year, Rupa Gupta was leading a middle school redesign effort toward personalized learning. For the first time, teachers and students at her school had access to technology on a regular basis and were being encouraged to experiment with different software in their classrooms. Basic Plan - This plan includes full access to all Sown to Grow features including student learning cycles (including goal setting, data tracking, and reflection), teacher dashboards, and feedback/reflection tools. It also includes extensive collaboration features teachers and access to an activity and standards library for easy setup.  
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