Sparky’s Brain Busters

imgres-4 Sparky's Brain Busters developed by Artgig Apps for the National Fire Protection Association is another FAB app featuring the iconic Dalmatian, Sparky. This app is fun for the whole family and fosters children’s thinking skills using a wide variety of topics. Brain Busters has been released just in time to prepare kids and coincide with the annual Fire Prevention Week in October. Sparky the Fire Dog made his debut in 1951 as the NFA’s official mascot; with this app, Sparky continues the tradition of a wonderful companion to teach kids essential safety skills in an ever engaging and interactive way.

The app opens giving kids the opportunity to take a selfie of themselves when they register as a new player. This feature is ALWAYS a huge hit with children and is a great way to get them involved from the get-go. Sparkys Brain Busters For the classroom setting teachers to have the option of solo, multiplayer, or whole group instruction with the app adapting to a smart board for entire class participation. There is even an option for using a multiple devices mode when connected to a WIFI network. Gameplay is in the form of the classic spin the wheel format with three different levels to choose from. The Rookies, Stars, and Legends coincide with curriculum for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. There are five categories covering science, math, fire safety, social studies, and the most popular Sparky’s choice. Kids we worked with were excited to race to answer questions before the time ran out and were determined to win the five different character badges. As teachers, we liked the topics and mixture of questions as well as the choice of three levels. Play Options: • Extra time - Some kids just need it! • Spin again - Always a good thing! • Skip question - Helps the diverse learner! Included is a teacher guide with how to play and ways to utilize the app in different settings. Visit for more apps and a plethora of play and learn materials for classroom or home use. Read reviews and play other Sparky Apps. Android Available Here
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