Special Needs Resource Roundup

Special Needs Resource Roundup 1(1)


Open Educators focuses on sharing education-related resources and supports all of the amazing children with special needs, as well as the families who love them. They have put together this list of Special Needs Resource Roundup for TWA. When sharing resources with educators, Open Educators pull from a variety of trusted websites with reliable content. Although we cast a wide net when searching for information, there are a few special organizations and other groups we have turned to time after time. We’ve found that health and child development are two of the categories we are asked about most frequently, and we often refer to the agencies below.



Below are some wonderful informational - yet thoughtful - articles to support families of all abilities:



  1. How to Create an Autism-Friendly Environment for Kids
  2. Discipline Strategies for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  3. 20 Tips for Keeping Your Child with Special Needs Safe in Your Home
  4. Disability Accommodation Cost Guides
  5. 6 Tax Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs
  6. Wheelchair and Handicap Ramp Cost Guide
  7. The Guide to Buying Used Accessible Vehicles
  8. The Best Activities for Special Needs
  9. Autism in the Teen Years: What to Expect, How to Help






Open Educators - A coalition of scholastic achievement advocates on a mission to promote cultural awareness through the power of information.

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