How to Spend Quality Time with Your Children

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How to Spend Quality Time with Your Children

Spending time with your children is important. The years will go by fast and you’ll soon be saying goodbye to those kids who just yesterday were tiny toddlers. However, it isn’t just important to spend a lot of time with children for sentimental reasons or just hang around your kids. The time you spend together should be quality time – focused on providing good memories but also educating your child and teaching them how to navigate in life. So, how can you spend quality time with children? What are the ways to ensure you build a solid relationship with them while helping them to grow into good human beings?

Focus on quality, not quantity

The main thing to understand is that you don’t need to stare at the clock. Indeed, even if you spend four hours of the evening, but not really doing anything useful, you’re wasting time. Instead, you want to ensure that little amount of time you can spend with the child is done with something meaningful in mind. So, don’t just try to spend more time with your children, but instead, focus on spending even a tiny bit of quality time with the children. But what is this quality time? Quality time means that your focus in on the child and the activity alone. You’re not watching the news with one eye, listening to the radio or reading your smartphone while you play. You and the child are engaged in the common practice and your attention is undivided. Furthermore, the activity should be something meaningful and focus on improving the child’s mindset or skills. Let’s now turn attention to some of these quality activities you should be doing. This helps create meaningful relationships between you and the child.

Have a date night with the kids

Most parents know about the adult date night, but you could extend this idea to your children as well. The children’s date night would include a meal planning session earlier in the week with the kids. The kids could come up with a theme (pizza night, taco night, Chinese night, cheese night, etc.) and you would all use the Internet and cookbooks to look for recipe ideas. At this point, you want to ensure the recipes are easy enough for everyone to do. Then on the actual date night, you could include the children in cooking with you. Everyone could do something, whether it is chopping or setting the table. Finally, the whole family would sit down and eat together. The activity teaches children about food and nutrients, while also providing them with real skills in cooking and planning meals. You can even take them grocery shopping with you.

Start shopping together

Children are never too young to learn about money. In fact, the earlier you start teaching them about budgeting and making smart choices, the better. Therefore, it would be highly useful to start including the children in the shopping decisions you need to make surrounding them. For example, when it is time to buy new clothing for the child, you should include them in the decision-making. Of course, you would first set the budget and identify the items you need. But after that, you could say “We need to buy you a pair of pants and shorts for the summer and we got X-amount of money to use, will you help me find something you like?” You can then browse online and in-store, and see what you can find. You can check Mothercare discount codes to save the extra money and teach the child to compare prices instead of just picking the first thing they see. If the child would like something you know is not suitable, even when in the budget, never just deny them. Explain why the item is not good and provide an alternative option.

Play games with them

Apps and games are everywhere these days. While you don’t want your child to sit in front of the computer or tablet all day long, you shouldn’t just disallow them from playing these games. Indeed, many apps out there are rather useful and educational. But instead of just letting the child play on their own, get involved. Play the video games they like to play and show interest in this world. It will help you bond with the child and make you understand the attraction of these types of games. Of course, you don’t want gaming to be the only thing you do, but it certainly shouldn’t be something you completely avoid either.

Start meditating

Finally, you could start meditating together with the child. This doesn’t necessarily mean sitting down and staying quiet. You could also take meditative walks in the evening where you walk around the block, holding hands and quietening the mind for the sleep ahead. You could also simply lie on the floor and name things you enjoy – no explanations or anything, just names, places and activities you like doing. Add these activities to your weekly schedule and you will feel the relationship you have with your children improved.
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