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Our sponsored posts allow you to promote your app, product or company via a post on TeachersWithApps.com. Simply send us your press release or any news you'd like to share. Please include text, app icon/image (as attachments) and any links you would like live. We promise to make it look great and post it on our Media page, the fee for this service is $100.

Included is a media blast where we share the NEWS with our loyal readership of over 100,000 unique visitors per month as well as a shout out to our social media channels.

Our media channels include: 23,000 Twitter Followers which equates to approximately 14,000 impressions in a 24 hour period, we get 130,000 visits to our site every month, and 1,500 views on Pinterest each day! 

The cost of a sponsored post and a media blast is $100.

All inquiries should be sent to jayne@teacherswithapps.com
Posts must be prepaid via Paypal. Please include preferred email address for PayPal invoice to be sent to.

Terms and conditions:
TWA is a reputable app review site that is trusted by its readers to provide quality information relating to education and technology. We only feature content that meets our standards. We reserve the right to reject requests to promote material that we do not deem appropriate for our site.

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