Sticker Market: All your stickers, GIFs and face filters in one app

images-2Sticker Market: All your stickers, GIFs and face filters in one app

If you’re one of those who like to socialize online, I’m sure you use lots of GIFs, emojis and stuff in your messages. Although first emoticons were introduced back in 80's, with the rise of text messaging and tweets, emojis and stickers have changed the way we communicate and interact online.

There is not one, not even hundreds, but probably thousands of web and mobile apps offering various collections of emojis, filters, and stickers. Today I want to introduce to you and review Sticker Market, one such newly launched app, that’s here to change the way you communicate online. I’m going to walk you through the features the app includes, as well as the app installation process and account registration.

About the app
Sticker Market is an all-in-one platform for stickers, GIFs, and various templates, which are accessible from a single keyboard. No app or keyboard switching. All your favorite GIFs and stickers are right at your hand whether you’re using an IOS or Android device, or desktop as long as you have the app’s Chrome extension installed on your computer. All the stickers and GIFs are perfectly working on Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, and other online messaging apps.

A cool thing about the app is that you can also create and publish your own stickers and start using them in top messengers. Moreover, you can also sell your sticker sets on Sticker Market and earn money. The app doesn’t charge any commission fee for the first year, so if you’re a designer, illustrator or just a creative person, you can have your stickers shared on top platforms and get some revenue at the same time.

App download and registration
For the Android users, the app can be downloaded from the Play Store, and the IOS users can get the app from the Apple Store. Once you install the app on your device, the first thing you’ll need to do is to create an account, either by registering with an email, or better yet signing up with your Facebook or Google accounts.

The app has a pretty straightforward interface. Once you’re finished with registration and sign up, the app will bring you to the homepage, where you’ll find three main app blocks: the Sticker Market, Sticker Cam, and the Sticker Keyboard.

Sticker Market is where all the stickers, templates and GIFs can be found. It’s a searchable section, where you can browse the stickers and templates by categories, and search for specific sets by typing keywords in the search box. The sticker sets, templates, and GIFs are available both for free and paid options ranging somewhere around $0.99 to $2.99. The GIF section provides a huge collection of trending GIFs and is kind of divided into two parts to make it easier to browse them: trending and categories. There are a number of GIF categories to browse, like actions, anime, celebrities, emotions, memes, reactions, and more. The GIF section is also searchable with the possibility to set search filters.

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Sticker Cam
With Sticker Cam, you can create fun emojis of your own. Just open up the camera, choose the template you want to use on the image and take a picture. The app will start generating your face emojis and you can swipe your emoji face stickers to choose the one that you want. You can reposition, pan and zoom the template to adjust it to your face, and save the photo.

The app features a hamburger style menu, where you can access all the app features, and also check your own stuff, like cloud storage capacity, downloaded stickers and templates, as well as GIFs you have published.
Under the menu sections, you’ll find the settings icon, which will take you to the app settings page. From here you can upload an account image, adjust your account settings, keyboard options, etc.

The app has a pretty fast and stable keyboard supporting 7 languages, among which are English, Spanish, Russian, Armenian, German, and French. Under the keyboard settings, you’ll find some general keyboard options that you can adjust to your needs. Most of the settings are enabled/disabled with a toggle.

The app supports 2 keyboard themes, the light one, and the dark one. Select whichever you want to apply to the keyboard.

Final thoughts
Sticker Market is a feature-packed app that definitely has a lot to offer. It’s pretty easy to use, works and looks good, and has tons of adjustment options. If you’re looking for a nice user experience, decent collections of fun stickers, GIFs, and face emojis, this is a must have the app on your device.

App Download Links

Sticker Market Android

Sticker Market iOS


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