STILL One of the Best Kept Secrets: Pinterest!

imgresOne of the best kept secrets about social media for educators and students is Pinterest! Recently, while examining Teachers With Apps traffic sources, we were just a little bit more than surprised to see Pinterest was the number 4 source of our traffic. Only Google Direct, Google Organic, and Twitter supersede Pinterest! Facebook doesn't even bring in as much traffic as Pinterest. Pinterest jumped onto our radar last spring when we began watching it creep up from #14 to #11 to #9. We began telling app developers, "Get on Pinterest and start pinning!" Those that followed through have thanked us over and over again. We also highly recommend teachers to get on board. Sharing this very cool tool with their students is a good idea. Pinterest is POWERFUL! It may initially seem trivial - it is not! It is a visual tool that inspires ideas, creativity and very worth your while. Pinterest combines two of the most compelling elements of social media: visual content and sharing who you are, which gives it overwhelming appeal for students. Check out this post from Teach Thought: 37 Ways Teachers Can Use Pinterest In The Classroom, where they highlight collections of ed tech-related boards that teachers and students alike can use to explore new ways to learn, share, teach, and grow. Have students pin project ideas: Pinterest can be a great place to get students working. Teachers could have students pin ideas on a board that relates to a particular project they’ll be working on. Use pinning as part of a lesson: Of course, pinning itself could be an educational experience. Students could be assigned to pin items that fit a certain set of criteria as part of a lesson. Collect ideas for virtual field trips: Let your kids travel the world through the web when you find creative online field trips on Pinterest, or build your own through great images. Make group work visual: Whether you’re working with your colleagues or helping students work on a group project, Pinterest can be a great place to collaborate. Share images for presentations or links to papers, resources, and research. Have students photo journal on Pinterest: There are numerous ways students can use Pinterest to the journal. How about a series of photos captioned in a foreign language? Or documenting a trip they took? The possibilities are endless.       photo-1 For more wonderful ideas to the endless possibilities of using Pinterest in the classroom peruse this Pinterest Cheat Sheet for Educators, by Kimberly Tyson. It's great fun and the potential for learning is far and wide. So, check out our Pinterest Boards and get inspired! Happy Pinning...
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